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Artist Statement

I am an encaustic and acrylic artist based in Portland, Oregon. I consider encaustic to be my primary medium because of the unique depth and texture it brings to my subjects. I manipulate the wax through scraping, using impressions and smoothing techniques to evoke the complicated but perfect natural world around me that I find through my camera lens. My signature technique is carving into deep multi-colored layers bringing a richness and complexity to the work. It has been described as sculptural and I continue to push the boundaries in that direction. I am drawn to linear abstract themes and carving back through layers of color feeds that inspiration. During my early career, I created series of abstract leaves, petals, and trees using this technique. As my work shows, I am drawn to color (blues, oranges, yellows, reds). I use pigments to make my own paints encompassing the entire color spectrum. 


I am also creating a new collection of acrylic paintings that use the same premise of my encaustic technique of layering and carving. 

My work is represented by Portland Rental Sales Gallery in Portland, Oregon and you can also find my work at Riversea Gallery in Astoria, Oregon.   Visits to my studio are encouraged and welcome and can be made in advance by appointment.

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